The Minerva
Leasing Advantage

Clients trust and recommend Minerva because we consistently provide customized solutions that suit their business needs. Unlike the big banks and lenders, Minerva's experienced consultants understand how businesses of all sizes work.

If you're considering your first equipment lease, there's no better, more comfortable way to get started than with Minerva. And if you've been leasing office, commercial or medical equipment for years, you'll be really surprised at our friendly customer-direct service!

Customized Leasing

Minerva Leasing has proudly served its clients for four decades - experience unparalleled in a wide range of industries from individuals and corporations to its specialty, the healthcare sector.

Find out why so many successful Canadian shops, clinics, offices, and other businesses lease with Minerva. We really are the smart, friendly way to finance almost everything your business needs!

Truly Canadian

We're 100% Canadian owned and operated, and we lease only to people and businesses in Canada. We’re funded entirely with Canadian dollars that will stay in Canada. (It's much rarer than you may think!)