The Healthcare and Clinic
Equipment Leasing Specialists

Minerva Leasing started out as an equipment acquisition solution specifically for medical clinics and the healthcare industry. Since our early days in the 1970s, we have been intimately connected with clinics and are in our element when designing custom leases to help our healthcare industry clients be more efficient—and more profitable.
Pay for your clinic’s equipment, as it generates income for you, while using the tax savings and available capital to create more beneficial outcomes for your patients. That’s what Minerva Leasing was made to help you do! We work with healthcare and veterinary clinics of all sizes, as well as pharmacies, medical spas and other healthcare and scientific practices, designing custom lease plans that help your business.

Minerva makes it easy to lease:

  • Diagnostic equipment from MRIs to blood pressure monitors
  • Waiting room and clinic furnishings
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Pharmacy and scientific equipment
  • Almost any capital equipment cost!

Medical clinic
equipment leasing

At Minerva Leasing, medical clinics will always occupy a spot very close to our heart. Our founder Tony Holloway created Minerva as a means of helping physicians to invest in the success of their colleagues and the betterment of our healthcare sector through easy, tax-smart access to state-of-the-art clinic equipment leasing. His spirit of innovative, relationship-centred service lives on in everything we do.

Making healthcare leasing Minerva Easy™ is the reason for our longtime success.

Chiropractic Clinic
equipment leasing

The field of chiropractic healthcare is driven by innovation and a powerful devotion to caring for patients from their spinal columns outward. At Minerva Leasing, we can relate to the growing need for chiropractors and chiropractic clinics to introduce new levels of technology and sophistication to their practices.

Our chiropractic clinic equipment leasing solutions are always fully custom, tailored to helping you optimize your service offerings to your unique philosophy without large capital outlays.

Naturopathic and Homeopathic Clinic
equipment leasing

Naturopathic and homeopathic medicine practitioners are always seeking new ways to benefit patients through better data. In this way, interventional diagnostic equipment like mass spectrometers and medical thermography scanners can bolster the capabilities and authority of your practice.

At Minerva Leasing, we can help your naturopathic or homeopathic clinic to finance the equipment it needs, while preserving your capital—meaning you can do more good with available resources!

Diagnostic Imaging
equipment leasing

Diagnostic imaging, from MRI magnets to CT scanners, X-rays—and beyond—continue to improve and become more instrumental to patient care. From chiropractic clinics seeking to provide diagnostic images in-house to providers of vascular and interventional radiology, Minerva Leasing can help in financing the equipment you need now, without the impact of a massive capital outlay.

Why pay lump-sum for equipment that may take years to generate ROI? Leasing with Minerva preserves your capital and minimizes your taxes!

Medical Spa
equipment leasing

Medical spas have similar needs to clinics and other healthcare practitioners. In order to be a leader and provide patients with the best available care, you need to make a substantial investment in high-tech clinic equipment for laser hair removal, IPL, sclerotherapy, EVLT and a long list of medical spa treatments.

At Minerva Leasing, we have helped medical spa owners to minimize capital costs and save on taxes through custom medical spa equipment leases—and we’d be pleased to do the same for you with a fully custom lease.

Ophthalmology & Optometry
Equipment Leasing

Few healthcare fields are seeing a quicker evolution in the complexity and capabilities of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment than ophthalmology and optometry. From slit lamps and retina pretests to OCT scanners and laser refractive surgery suites, Minerva can provide a custom leasing solution.

Contact us now to get started. It’s Minerva Easy™.