The Leasing Advantage

Why Genuine Personal Service Can Never Be Replaced

You’ve probably noticed a push lately from giant companies trying to offer you more personal treatment. From McDonalds’ kiosks that enable customers to design their own burgers to Coca Cola’s $5 personalized bottles, the focus is clearly on making the customer feel special. It’s progress perhaps, made steadily easier through technology advancements including experiential interfaces, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases and artificial … Continued

5 Medical Equipment Leasing Myths (And the Truths Behind Them)

Done right, leasing medical and healthcare clinic equipment (or most other business equipment) is not super complicated. Yet for a number of reasons, many clinic owners and managers get confused or uptight when discussing the subject.

Man in boat feeling lost: leasing in a downturn

4 Reasons Leasing New Equipment is Smart in an Economic Downturn

Hit the brakes. The economy has slowed down again! There is a lot of that kind of talk going around these days, especially in the province of Alberta where I live.